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Pacific Northwest Midwives

Who Are We?

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Who Are We?
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How we got started

A couple of us were wishing we lived close enough to hang out at the same neighborhood coffee house so we could chat and relax together. Or perhaps that we shared a partyline (that's a bit of old technology). Or even a local bulletin board so we could pin up announcements and messages.
Well, we decided a "virtual bulletin board" would be the next best thing! A board where everyone could post; where everyone could advertise; where everyone could respond.
Think of this website as a local bulletin board on your computer screen!

Our Charter

Nope. We don't have a charter! And we aren't a "group" or an "association". We're just some midwives who live in the Pacific Northwest.
But we DO have a mission: a hope that people can discover a way to get along with each other. And a belief that the first step is for them to communicate with each other!

Who Are "We"?
 We're just ordinary midwives! We come from different backgrounds, different regions, different cultures, sometimes even different countries. We were drawn to midwifery because of our passion for  birth -- and our desire to help women as they experience this wonderous process. We embrace and celebrate our differences, while we hope that by uniting we can strengthen midwifery in our region.
Some of us also teach midwifery topics at the International Center for Traditional Childbearing. You can find out more by clicking the ICTC link below.