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This website has one purpose: to help everyone involved in childbirth -- midwives, doulas, students, childbirth educators, doctors, consumers --  stay informed  about birth related news and events.


You can use the tools on this website to:

  • tell our region of events, meetings, and classes

  • spread midwifery-related news

  • share research and press-releases

  • advertise your local business

  • and even discuss tricks of the trade


You can read the PNW calendar to learn of meetings, classes, and events.


You can announce your own meetings and events by posting them yourself on the PNW calendar! The calendar page is fast, and easy to use.


 We've also included a Classified Ad section and a Links page!


These pages are open to all to post -- we don't censor or modify any posts.


This is YOUR website!




 Please feel free to post comments; make announcements; or post questions or answers!

Got questions? Email us at: