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PATRICIA EDMONDS is an award-winning Calligrapher and Book Artist, and is an adjunct professor teaching Book Arts at a local College.. She's been a midwife since 1976 and has attended over a thousand births in this region. For fourteen years she was the editor and publisher of "Brthing", the newsletter of the Oregon Midwifery Council. She has exhibited her work in local shows, and her marbled paper decorates books around the country.

She also designs individual works -- such as Birth Announcements, Greeting Cards, Wedding Invitations, etc. Contact her to see her portfolio, or to engage her services for your own personalized projects.

HEATHER McCULLOUGH is also a midwife! She worked as a Licensed Midwife for Andaluz Waterbirth Center in Portland, and just recently moved to the Frozen North! We miss her!

RHONDA BAKER is...yes... ALSO a midwife! And an artist! And an illustrator! Her work in Holistic Midwifery (by Anne Frye) is becoming famous! She creates stunning pictures of anatomy as well as breath-taking art in pen and ink. She is mama to Zuzu and to the just-born Josie. She publishes a zine called Zuzu and the Baby Catcher, and is currently drawing the illustrations for Holistic Midwifery volume 2 (due in fall of 2004).

PATRICIA EDMONDS will be ready to publish her Placenta Workbook soon!

We will add more books and items to this page as they become available!


Into My Hands Midwifery

3839 Pacific Ave, Suite 189

Forest Grove, OR 97116