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Handmaiden Midwifery /The Maternity Clinic

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Handmaiden Midwifery/The Midwifery Clinic is proud to provide practical prenatal and birth care in the comort of your home. From your  free pregnancy test through your 6 week postpartum visit, Handmaiden Midwifery/The Maternity Clinic offers personalized  affordable care.
Call Midwife Judi Plummer for an appointment  505-838-4330


I have International experience with a specialty in rural midwifery.
se habla espanol.  Click on "my mexican experience" page

Judi Plummer completed  basic midwifery training in 8/98 in Tennessee  at  The Midwifery Institue of America.


Up comming blessed events.

Judi Plummer