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Here are a few of my Mexican Adventure photos.


This is the first baby I caught on my birthday.  Mom Ana and Baby Judy.


Oct 4 Happy Birth day to ME!

3:30 AM “Udi, Udi” rap rap rap. Someone is knocking on my bedroom window. (Which is glass) Ana is having pains says her husband Antonio. I bounce out of bed thinking I might receive the gift of a “birthday baby”. I dress call and alert Jerry who is at his Perris home. I hop in my car (geo metro 180,000 miles plus) and follow Antonio to his house. Sat. Oct 2, I had been there for some toning contractions and Oct. 1 I had a prenatal there on my 1st. day in Mexico. She only lives a couple of blocks away on the road I’ve named “Church street”. I check her labor and call Jerry saying COME. Ana is a G4 mom (1st. homebirth) and I was questioning if Jerry would make it in time. I labor sat, drank my first cup of coffee (instant Nescafe) in days, encouraged Ana and waited.
Jerry arrived about 6 AM and checks Ana and says tells me that she is only 1 1/2 cm. dilated. From observation I was thinking she was about 6. Jerry did his preparations, which include an enema, and was preparing the family for a false alarm. I was feeling kinda down because it’s my job to check, so Jerry doesn’t have to make the 2 + hour trip and time off work for nothing.
6:45 AM, Ana is disappointed, she gets dressed and begins her day. She sits on her potty bucket peeing and…….she has to push. Upon another check and she is complete. I prepare to catch my birthday present…my first baby in Mexico, a 3.3 Kg. girl. Apgar 9/10. Ana had been cut with her previous 3 babies and was scarred, she tore a bit but needed no repairs.

I was given the honor of bathing the baby (that’s what they do here). A task that is usually reserved for a Grandma or Auntie. When I left the little cutie was gulping down colostrum.


10/12/2004. Marisol

Jerry calls me about 7:30 PM. I head for Tarazas. The turn off is Palm Tree Road, however things look very different in the dark. I found the entrance to Tarazas but needed to call Jerry for further directions. I got there at 8:15 PM and found Marisol in her nightie w/cx @ 3 min. and definitely uncomfortable. I took FHR and checked her cervix. I didn’t feel much cervix. Jerry called and I told him to come, he has at least a 2-hour drive. Mom is standing, leaning on a headboard of another bed (there are 3 in the room) rocking back and forth. Grandma is putting Marisol 's other 2 to bed (the bed she birthed at) Her younger sister of 14 years is rubbing her back.
9:05 PM SROM.
9:06 PM pushes 1 X and baby boy 3.3 kilos 53 cm.

She leaned back and sat on the bed, baby on her chest. She isn’t paying attention to baby, she’s watching TV!
9:10 PM Placenta.
I try to engage mom put baby to her breast she is showing no interest in this baby. I call Jerry and tell him he can head home and ask him to talk w/ Marisol. She is unresponsive w/ him also.
I check the baby weigh/measure etc. while grandma helps Marisol into fresh clothes and bed. I tuck baby into bed with mom. She does breastfeed.

This family is very poor with unimpressive hygiene. Mom peed on the floor during labor; some blood was on the floor as she birthed standing which was covered up with gravel.

I got lost on the way back to El Nino. I ended up in Lomas……..Again. I flagged down a bus and asked directions. I was one road off. I got home safe and sound desiring a nice shower, cold would of been OK. Alas no water to the house. I have a good wipe down with anti-bacterial hand wash and go to sleep.

10/15 Marisol continued

Went by w/Gloria today. I was concerned by her lack of actions that Marisol didn’t want the baby so I had talked w/Gloria about it. When we arrived unexpected Marisol had the baby dressed and laying on a bed in a corner alone. The baby hadn’t had anything but (maybe colostrum ) & corn water to drink since birth ,Marisol didn’t produce milk. I don’t think she let the baby suck enough to produce. She said she breastfed her other two. The toddler had a bottle of cows milk. No money, no formula. Gloria gave her a few $$$ for formula, I have doubts the money will be used for that purpose. We said we’d be back Monday to check on the situation. There must be formula etc. for the baby.

When it rains it pours.


After the rains.  Driving in/on these clay streets was as tricky as driving in the pacific Northwest snow.  Notice the bus that has slidden off the road.



My bed

This cutie was born right here on MY bed.  His mom came to me for what I thought would be a prenatal visit.  She delivered shortly after she arrived.  Mom is taking a 45 minute shower as this picture is being taken. I drove her home to her mothers a coulpe hours later.  Her mother had 6 other children living in their 1 room dirt floor house.