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Summer "Peace House" Gathering
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8:00AM Doors open. Welcome!

8:30 continental breakfast and registration

9:00 -- "What's New in Ultrasound": Dr Hoffman-Smith
A discussion of new screening methods, evaluation of older methods, understanding the triple screen. Markers indicating defect or need for further assessment. Evaluating the postdates pregnancy, placental grading,
U/S for preterm labor prediction and s/s of cervical length. safety concerns.
Presenter, Ed Hoffman Smith, ND (registered and certified ultrasonographer)

10:30 -- Midwifery Update: Gail Hart
An examination of recent data and new research on GBS, Guidelines and protocols including alternate treatment methods. Post-dates issues and monitoring. Preterm labor prevention; nutrition and supplements. Augmentation vrs Therapeutic rest for abnormal or prodromal labor.
presenter gail hart, Midwife

11;30 -- Potpourri: Turning the abnormal back into normal"
-- interventions in labor and pregnancy; addressing anxiety and fear. Repositioning OPs and malpresentations
-- prodromal and prolonged labor . Coaching" and visualization.

presenters: roundtable -- Dr Hoffman-Smith ND, gail hart, Pat Edmonds , with participation of local midwives.

12:15 LUNCH

Included in the registration fee will be a wonderful lunch --- a Mediteranean style buffet with plenty to please both meat eaters and vegetarians.  If the weather is fine we will enjoy a picnic in the  tree sheltered patio area of this grand old Portland Mansion!

1:15PM -- Pat's Placentas! Pat Edmonds
Abnormalities of placentation, implantation, and development. New laboratory and ultrasound tools for assessing function and maturity of placenta circulation. Various unusual and uncommon forms -- including display and "hands on" examination of Pat's preserved collection.
presenter: Pat Edmonds

2:15 break

2:30 -- BLOOD!
Normal homeostasis, Anemias of pregnancy,. Hemorrhage and shock. Preventing and treating third stage hemorrhage, using both pharmacological and alternative methods. This class will be especially useful for midwives who are restricted from using prescription anti-hemorrhagics...
Dr Hoffman Smith, gail hart, Pat Edmonds (a roundtable: joined by attending midwives)

3:45 -- Blood loss Estimation Workshop: -- a "hands on" experiential class!We will use real blood (bovine) to estimate and assess bloodloss.



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