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midwife muse -- a community midwifery bulletin board
Friday, 9 April 2004
Doing some updates
wow, I hadn't realized how much has happened since i last updated midwife muse. I deleted many announcements of meetings long past and added new ones under the 'conferences and workshops" title. Please keep sending me your announcements -- or post them yourselves under 'post a comment" - and i will try to keep things current.

Just a note: the Karen Strange Resuscitations classes were GREAT! Many midwives commented that the classes helped them understand the principles of NNR in a new way, and they are very excited to put their new knowlege to use (well, sort of, since no one every 'wants" to have to do resuscitation!).

We're busy setting up the next Midwifery Updates Conference -- addressing envelopes, contacting teachers, working out recipes, preparing our own classes. It's a whole lot of work, but a whole lot of fun too. This is our first two-day event and some logistics get pretty complex.

The work goes by faster now that I have a radio station worth listening to. I love public radio of course, but now we have something even better -- still "educational" but more entertaining and much funnier than public radio. "Air America" is on AM 620 here in portland (and can be heard over the web for those out of range). I addressed and stuffed a hundred and fifty envelopes this afternoon and hardly noticed it because of the great hosts on that station! Finally, an AM talk show worth listening to!

I'll be posting here more frequently since i'll be at the computer so much anyway gathering online registrations and working on the various projects which need to be done before the conference.

My family has learned to be patient with me in the early weeks of planning. I'm always a nervous wreck until enough registrations come in to cover the advance financial outlay! (I just wrote out the deposit check for the facility today. I sure hope y'all are going to come!) The kids remind me that we've always had plenty of attendees -- often more than we could comfortabley hold -- and I'm sure this conference will be the same. But i'm always on tenterhooks until that twentieth registration comes in!

The meeting room for this conference holds a maximum of 45. Having a smaller number will make some things easier than past conferences where we had 80 or more!

I think i've done enough today. I set up the online registration forms as well as the webpage ( and updated this blog too. I'm gonna go to bed! And hope the woman due april 15 doesn't decide to go into labor tonight.......I would love to have a full night's sleep!

Posted by midwiferyeducation at 12:15 AM PDT

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