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midwife muse -- a community midwifery bulletin board
Saturday, 27 December 2003

well, Christmas has come and gone. I don't know about most folks, but i always feel melancholy this time of year. Seeing freinds and family is wonderful, but it almost points up how fragile are our connections and how short our time together may be. The baby neices and nephews-- the young cousins - grow to be toddlers, kindergardners, teens and college age -- and it all seems to happen so swiftly. (Perhaps i'm feeling this so strongly because this is my sons first year "away" at school -- OSU - and I've discovered the empty nest syndrom is a true malady! It doesn't seem to matter that there are four still left at home-- one is gone! But, the solstice is past! The days are now just a tiny bit longer. Morning comes about ten minutes earlier each day - -and the difference is now noticible! I LOVE IT! On the midwifery front -- did anyone see a recent news article about a possible link between low-selenium levels and pre-eclampsia? It'll take a lot of work to see if there is any true link - and which is cause and which is affect. And whether supplementation works for treatment or for prevention. Butit's interesting to see another theory proposed (there've been so many over the years).

Posted by midwiferyeducation at 1:04 PM PST

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